Monday, December 9, 2013

Queen of Wootube Needs Your Votes to Keep Tiara!

Back in college in California I was asked to sing in a musical about the Kent State shootings (the same incident Neil Young based his song "Ohio" on). Also singing was talented girl with a bluesy voice and a sassy attitude. We got to be friends and started singing at campus coffeehouses together. Fast forward a few decades: I am once again singing in coffeehouses, but now based in Boston, and working on the companion "songtrack" CD to the novel I am slowly writing. There's a torch song that could use a bluesy female vocal. I am paging through my Occidental College magazine's alumni notes, and a name catches my eye - Rebecca Lynch, the girl with the bluesy voice and sassy a. And she's now living in Massachusetts, just west of Boston, and still singing the blues. I tracked her down, we caught up over Indian food, and I lured her into the studio and said "Sing!" The resulting track, "Same Heart Twice", is one of the highlights of the Songs from Next Big Thing album.

Local filmmaker Cindy McKeown caught it on video, and I'm happy to say "Same Heart Twice" was voted Video of the Month on Wootube, Worcester Channel 3's local music program, and is now up for Video of the Year. We would love it if you would click here and vote for "Same Heart Twice" (it's the last video on the list, voting ends January 16 at 9 AM, and you can vote once from each device/IP you use) so Becky can remain Queen of Wootube and keep her tiara. Thanks!

ps - "Same Heart Twice" and the Songs from Next Big Thing album are also available from iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby, and better yet, come free when you buy the book!

pss - You can hear Rebecca sing with her bands Becky and the Hitmen and Soul Flyer, both of which also feature Brice Buchanan and John Coffey from the "Same Heart Twice" video. Brice was also the lead guitarist of my '80s band Loose Ties.