Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I was recently asked by the American Legion Neighborhoods Greenway Coalition to edit a letter urging people to comment on the Mayor's Imagine Boston 2030 plan. The original letter contained a lot of information, and links to other documents and organizations. My edited version (below) narrows the focus to what people can do right now to make an impact, mentions the two places in the plan most relevant to their cause, and the only link is to the plan. Click it and let the mayor know what you think!

Hi Neighbors,

The Mayor's Imagine Boston 2030 draft plan is out and American Legion Parkway is included! This plan will become the blueprint for our city, so it is vitally important our voices be heard now. Many voices from our neighborhood need to comment to ensure that American Legion Parkway improvements become a committed part of the plan.

Ten minutes of your time could make a huge difference in getting the city to allocate resources to upgrade our neighborhood’s quality of life, including traffic calming and other public health and safety issues, and "right-sized" development. The comment period may close soon, so please comment today!

To comment, please click the Imagine Boston 2030 Survey link below. There are two important places to mention American Legion Parkway:

Q3 Enhanced Neighborhoods - Protect American Legion Parkway’s green spaces and establish safe walking and bike paths so our neighborhood’s families may safely enjoy this beautiful and vital link in Boston’s extended Emerald Necklace.

Q9 Initiatives: Economy, Energy & the Environment, and Open Space - Recognize American Legion Parkway as the vital green link connecting Franklin Park with the neighborhoods of Roslindale, Hyde Park, Mattapan, Mount Hope and Jamaica Plain, and establish and maintain safe walking and bike paths and pedestrian crosswalks. Protect and enhance its green space by limiting development and cleaning up long-neglected roadside lands and waterways.

Here’s the link: https://surveyplanet.com/580537c1c18cdb234289836e

Thank you for caring about the neighborhood and city we all call home.

American Legion Neighborhoods Greenway Coalition