Monday, January 23, 2017

My first letter to the new President

My first letter to the new President, sent via I encourage you to let him know what's on your mind as well.


Dear President Trump,

Congratulations on winning the election, and I hope you will do your best for our country. As I read your An American First Energy Plan, I was disappointed to see no mention of solar, wind, and other renewable energy. As President, you are not just responsible for our country at this moment, you are also a steward for the future of our country and our planet. Please consider that since the beginning of the industrial revolution some three hundred years ago, we have used almost half of the planet's fossil fuels, fuels that it took the planet millions of years to produce. It may be tempting to continue to burn oil, coal and gas, but with our continued population growth the resulting pollution, greenhouse gases, and wear on the environment of burning fossil fuels will quickly outweigh any short-term economic benefits. Already, people in Beijing and Tokyo regularly wear masks because of air pollution. You mention lifting environmental restrictions, but please remember the acid rain of the 1970s which killed forests in the Adirondacks in your own state of New York before Clean Air laws were in place to limit pollution. I myself lived in Los Angeles from 1976 to 1981 and can attest to smog so thick it was impossible to see across a football field. Renewable energies such as solar and wind, which have no harmful emissions, are our best long-term solution. Luckily the cost of renewable energy has fallen to be competitive with fossil fuels, and in many cases (such as home solar collectors) can contribute without expensive infrastructure. I urge you and your administration to consider the best long-term interests of our country and planet, and to choose to promote and invest in renewable energies as the best way forward.

Terry Kitchen