Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Terry Kitchen Album Rubies in the Dust Now Online!

I'm celebrating 2019 with Rubies in the Dust, a new collection of fun covers, live tracks, hard-to-find tracks, and collaborations with some of my favorite singers and musicians. Guests include Barbara Kessler, Rebecca Lynch, Annie Raines, Jackie Damsky, Amy Malkoff, Lucy Martinez, Sarah Telford, and Brice Buchanan and Barry Singer from my '80s band Loose Ties. It's available as a download or stream from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and CDBaby. There's a cappella Beach Boys, acoustic Rolling Stones, solo takes of "Life Is Hard Enough" and "Heaven Here on Earth," and a few tracks nobody's heard other than my cat... Hope you enjoy it, and have a great 2019!